Points And Rewards System

Earn points and claim gifts with points

Gifts For Points

  • 50 points - Golden Village Candy Bar Voucher
  • 60 points - $5 POPULAR Gift Voucher
  • 85 points - Golden Village Movie Gift Voucher
  • 125 points - $10 POPULAR Gift Voucher
  • How To Get Points

    You have to be a member first then,
    1. Create a new thread = 3 points
    2. Reply to existing threads = 2 points

    Important! -- Threads/replies posted must be meaningful and non-spammy, no character limits for posts/replies. No restriction on forums in which you can post!

    Note: Points will not be rewarded for anonymous confessions submitted through the confession forms as the author could not be tracked.

    How To Claim

    1. Email your username and the gift which you want to claim.
    2. Include your address and contact number, we will mail you the gifts and inform you when its done!

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