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    My life this place start justice assist now this we have no time for fun don't the I'm you know I've been a four-time champion
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    on if been six-time runaround and I'm the greatest bodybuilder ever there’s no question I feel that I'm the greatest %uh I still want to compete at my best. event the Asia Madden you know people say past her prime I mean yeah I don't know if there's any past your prime when I'm still competitive you don't think about that you're not going to show it's a one past my prime just on it further you know just to stand up there that’s not how an ass leader of a champion bodybuilder and trains for competition accents they always want to think about winning and being absolute best on I'm on there is no failure at this point they’ve done it all there's never going to be a day that passes than mister bower people that are going to know who J colorist I don't see it ever happen am wrong with solved ho an ho now I'm back in Vegas for the weekend setting Dave's coming next this coming weekend he's going to shoot some training stuff in the night she would burn down next week I think for some ....

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